The talented Danielle Evjen whose musical tone displays an appealing combination of warmth and musical energy, is a rising star in the world of jazz and popular music.  Her wide range of repertoire includes such diverse offerings as “Rock with You” by Michael Jackson to wonderful jazz standards made famous by such musical giants as Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn.  Having only performed professionally as a vocalist for two years, Danielle is definitely on the fast track to notoriety and has quickly discovered her comfort zone performing for a live audience.  She is also a highly respected  expert in the area of childhood musical training and specializes in the development of “early” keyboard abilities.

With a smooth, warm tone that begs the ear to listen, this jazz beauty is completely in her element under the eye a discerning audience.  Listeners describe her vocal style as the connection between sassy and irresistibly sweet, baked in elegance.

Danielle began her own musical training on the organ at the age of seven, and quickly moved into the role of instructor at the age of thirteen. She has now become one of the most sought after piano and early childhood music instructors in the Okanagan Valley, with nearly twenty years of teaching experience and a reputation for building energizing and effective lessons.  When she is not performing or teaching, you’ll catch her listening to music from her own musical heros such as Ella Fitzgerald or Holly Cole, or enjoying time with her husband and two beautiful daughters.


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